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Welcome to Xerox Alumni Association

Xerox Alumni Association was originally founded as the Xerox-X Association in 1983. It is a non-profit organization of former Xerox employees who missed the camaraderie, intellectual stimulation and friendship that the community of Xerox offered.

The founders of Xerox-X Association believed that they worked at a special company and that they contributed to creating one of America’s greatest business success stories.

It was a work climate that teemed with bright, energetic people who inspired each other to perform beyond what seemed possible and now the Xerox Alumni Association exists to sustain and value that spirit.


  • Networking - Membership in Xerox Alumni Association will enhance reconnection which is very beneficial during any transition whether retirement, relocation, job change or starting a business. In fact, Xerox Corporation shares Xerox Alumni Association membership information with retirees and others who are leaving the Company.

  • Listing your website in our Member Sites area is a great way to advertise. Members can also include a description of their website. This information is available to all members and can be updated at any time by the members.

  • Xerox Alumni Association is now a diverse group, and its members have a broad range of business experiences and varied resources. Through the Xerox Alumni Association network, members can tap into the common bond of Xerox employment, and select from a pool of invaluable knowledge and expertise.




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To become a member you must
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To become a member you must be a former employee of Xerox Corporation.

If you were a member of the Xerox-X Association as of January 1, 2000, you are automatically a current member of the Xerox Alumni Association.  To utilize your membership, please enter your email address into the login above and request a password using the link below.

The Xerox Alumni Association is comprised of former Xerox employees and Xerox retirees. The Association has no formal affiliation with, nor receives any financial support from Xerox Corporation.





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