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About Xerox Alumni Association

The History

The Xerox Alumni Association was created in 1983 as a non-profit organization by former Xerox employees who missed the camaraderie, intellectual environment, stimulation and friendship that the community of Xerox offered. The founders of Xerox Alumni Association believed that they worked at a special company and that they contributed to creating one of America’s greatest business success stories. It was a work climate that teemed with bright, energetic people who inspired each other to perform beyond what seemed possible. Xerox Alumni Association has been built to sustain and value that spirit.

Our members tell us that the greatest benefit of membership is not just the business network that Business Week once called the best in the United States. But, rather, it is the opportunity to renew old friendships and stay in touch with highly talented, history making colleagues.

Xerox Alumni Association is now a diverse group, and its members have a broad range of business experiences and varied resources. Through the Xerox Alumni Association network, members can tap into the common bond of Xerox employment, and select from a pool of invaluable knowledge and expertise.

The objectives of Xerox Alumni Association are to foster social contact and business opportunities among former Xerox employees through interaction, education, networking and the dissemination of information. Membership provides opportunities to offer business services, seek business advice and mentoring, and to access an effective network for those seeking to better manage their careers and businesses.




Executive Board
of Directors

Jim Donovan
Dick Green - Operations Officer
Phil Cooke - Financial Officer

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